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Fuck, Õ_Ô,
I Was In 4Th-5Th Grade, And I Stumbled Upon It Looking For Sonic ART For A Comic Of Mine, And My Sister Got Angry That I Fou D It And Told Me About It, And Then Kept Going For The Matrix And Soul Eater And Other ART For Another Comic Of Mine, And, I Kinda, Just Fell In Love With It, I Love dA And All Of You, OuO,
timaeusTestified: So this doesn't bother you in anyway?
tipsyGnostalgic: Wht?? No, of course not, your my Pal, I Love you all the same if anything, more!
timaeusTestified: Good, I was afraid you'd be weirded out or Something Thing
tipsyGnostalgic: Of course not Dirk, I Love Yah!! ;) Wonk!
timaeusTestified: Hehheh, sweet. Now I just have to tell Jake and Jane, messege you later Roxy
tipsyGnostalgic: Ttyl Strider!! ;)
   timaeusTestified: Has seesed pestering tipsyGnostalgic

[S] Roxy: Express Feelings:

Roxy got up and stared at her computer, she then shed a tear, and the slowley walked torwards her door. She went downstairs and to the liquor cabinet. On her couch was Her Mother, Sipping Small glass of a Red Wine. Roxy Loudly and obnoxiously Grabbed as many bottles as she could carry A short distance, she flicked Her Mother The Tongue, who did not notice, for she was caught up in her book, Roxy Stomped Obnoxiously Upstairs to her room to drop OFF her drinks. She then went to Her Mother's Room And Went to her closet. She grabbed certain cloths, she eyed a shirt A White Shirt With Red Arms And A Broken Record In The Middle, And A Note On It, It Read, "Hey, I'll Be Waiten' For Yah, I'm Gonna Miss Yo ~Dave" Pft, Probabley one of Her Mom's, Secret Lovers. She Took The Shirt, Crumbled Up The Note, And Went To Her Room, Stomping Angrily And Obnoxiousley. She Then Look At Her Mom Downsatirs, "Hmph, Bitch!" She Said Before Slamming Her Dpor, Her Mother Looked Up, "Hmm", She saod, Then Looked At Her Daughters Room. Roxy Humphed. She dropped The Shirts On Her Bed, The Grabbed The First Bottle, "Scotch", It Read,Oh Well, She Thought, Then Popped It Open And Took A Swig. It Burned Her Throat, But She Didn't Care. She Put The First Pair Of Pant's, And Then A Shirt On, "No, Not Good Enough," She Said To HerSelf. She Then Took Another Gulp, A Huge One. She Breathed Heavley, Then Grabbed More Cloth's. She Kept Cganging, and drinking, Until Soon. She was wearing A Hat, The White Shirt, And Some Nikes, She Looked At Herself, Smiled a Bit, Then The Smile Wen't down as she saw her breasts, And then felt them, "To Big," She Said Quietley. She  Grabbed A Small Knife She Had, Aimed at her breast, then said, "Niii, I, can't do thjat," She put her shirt down, then grabbed duck tape and removed her shirt and used the tape to flatten her breast and then put the shirt down. She stared at HerSelf in The Mirror, and then saw her hair. She began to cry, "Ngh, It's, Itz Tii, girly..." She slowley whispered to herself, She Then Grabbed The Knife, and brought it tii her hair, and then cut almost all of the back OFF, then more, and more, then she Drank, until almost every bottle was wmpty, and she was then on her Knee's in tears, she looksd the mirror, and says, "A-am enoucgh, N-Nghow Dirk, am I, I-Ironic Enop, am I, Good Enough, Am I, G-Guy E-E-E-E-Enoughph!?" As Her Voice Broke. She grabbed a bottle for a drink, but it was empty, she lookef, but almist ebvery bottle ws empty. She stumbled ti her dresser and tried to finf A Drink, when she looked in the mirror on her table, she saw herself, Then She Saw The Pictures Of Her Friends, Jake, Hunting and Smiling, "Hello Roxy, My amazing awesome ADVENTUROUS Lad~♡ Jake English!" Jane, "Hey Roxy, I really, really miss you~ Your friend Jane" And Then Dirk, "Hey Roxy, Stay sugoi~ Love Dirk" She Looked at All Of Her Friends, Happy, And Then She Looked At HerSelf, She was a Freak, In Boy Cloths, and Ugly Hair, how Could Anyone Love Her, Why Wold they? She wiz jst an ugbly, stupead, Freak. Wghy would Dirk Love Her, Why Would He Even Be Friends With Her, Why Wghould He Even Think About Her? Roxy Then Started Wailing And Stampering Around Her Room, Punching The Walls and screaming at the top of her lungz, SHE Saw The Mirror And knovked It over, "FUCK YOU, YOU UGHLY PEAICE OF SHGHIAT! FUCK YPU, FUGHJYIaOuU, FUCKYOUFUCKFYUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOU FUCL, FUCK, YOU!" She then fell on the floor crying, "Love Me Dirk, Please, Please..." She stumbled to her bed and ripped Thw Shirt OFF, And Passed Ought. Her Mother Came In, Shocke, She Ran To Roxy, Saw The Bottle's, And Then Held Roxy In Her Arms. She Was Alive, Crying, "Love," She Could Barley Say, "Me, Lobve, Me, Love, Meeeeeeeee," She Passed Ouf, Almost Choking On Her Slit. Her Mother Held Her Head So She Wouldn't Choke On Her Spit, And Cradled Her, Humming A Song Her Mother Before Her Would Whisper And Hum To Her As She Fell Asleep. She Saw The Shirt, Eye's Widened, She Put Her Daughter In Her Pajamas, Tucked Her Daughter Into Bed, Took Out Her Wands, Cleaned Her Daughters Trashed Room, Roxy Could Barley See Ghis, Mother Than Took The Shirt And Left. When Roxy Awoke, She was in pain, everywhere, Sher Heard Her Phone, She Received A Picture, Dirk Visited Jane, He Took A Pic Of Her Slipping On Some Batter, Her Skirt Flew Up So You Could See Her Tight Ass Underwear, Dirk Was Giving a Thumbs Uo, And Said, Bet you'd like this Roxy, look at the plush on that rump! HehHeh, Roxy Giggled, She Replyed, "No Wonder She's Such a, TIGHT ASS! ;) WonkWonk" She Looked At The Picture Of Jane, She smiled And Thought, "HehHeh Cute"
A Late Night With Roxy Lalonde...
Roxy Expresses Her Feelings Over Dirk Confessing He Is A HomoSexual, And While Happy He Was Honest With Her, Now Cannot Share Her Love g Embrace With Her Longing Love Crush,
I Got The Idea From A SadStuck HeadCanon, Sorry If This Hurt's You In The Feel's Too, And Also, As You Read, It's Supposed To Show That She Is Getting Even More Drunk And Waisted, Which Is Why The Text Get's Algjl WoNkY, aNd DrUnK lIkE, Yia, Sorry, Hope You, KiNdA lIghtke It, QuQ,


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Fuck, Õ_Ô,

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